Thursday, 12 January 2017

How do l see who viewed my videos on Instagram?

How do l see
You can easily check how many views your Instagram videos get but its not easy to find who viewed those videos. By default, these stats are hidden from public for privacy reasons. It doesn’t mean you can’t find who viewed your videos. That’s where we need the help of some third party apps.

How To Find These Hidden Stats?

2016 Sep Update!

Online tool called InsTrackVideo shows a list of usernames who watched your videos and it’s completely free! I highly recommend to use this because we don’t have to provide our login details which is a good plus point.

How do l see who viewed my videos on Instagram?

There are a few apps on both AppStore and Play Store that can be used to track your uploaded Instagram video and photos. Some apps requires you to enter your Instagram credentials while some only requires you to enter your username. Lets have a look at some of them.

InsTrack (iOS/Android) – InsTrack is a small utility that can be used to track your IG profile. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices. Thanks to the server logs regularly saves by Instagram website, it can gather those data and dedrypt them to find out many hidden stats of your account. These stats include your profile view count with their profile Ids, your video/photo view count with viewer’s profile Ids and many more. Just install the app and give your profile username to get started.

TrackGram (Android/Windows) – The functionality of this is very similar to InsTrack. But you have to provide your Instagram username and password into this app to view those hidden stats. I’m not recommending this because of this serious privacy risk. But you can try this at your own risk.


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